Malhadinha, by Marta, 9 years old.

“It’s Malhadinha! Except that… Malhadinha is a kitten that we had at our grandparents’, but when she got older, and I showed you a photo of her of when she was older, she was run over by a car. And her mother was also run over.”

Kidah, by Enzo, 11 years old.

Xavi, by Beatriz, 8 years old.

“He sleeps like this…, for example, sometimes he sleeps normally, like curled up in a little ball. Other times he sleeps like he’s dead… At other times he sleeps like this… it’s a different way each time!”

Zarí, by Baltazar, 8 years old.

“Here he’s sleeping, that’s when we got home from my grandmother’s house. We’d gone for a swim. We were on poufs, we have poufs, one’s brown and one’s white.”

Kidah, by Enzo, 11 years old.

“She likes – sometimes when it’s cold – to go behind my Playstation, where it’s very warm. She stays there. Sometimes it’s cold like that too and she goes there, it’s not really in the Winter.”

Kidah, by Enzo, 11 years old.

“It’s one of her beds, which she doesn’t use much now… I mean, she only uses it at night, but she used to use it more before. And she was there trying out the bed. She likes it. It’s when it’s colder and it’s her most comfortable bed. She must have about six of them.”

Chacra, by Rodrigo, 10 years old.

“It’s a wardrobe that’s fixed to the wall where the suits my dad wears for work are kept. Chacra – because she thinks it’s a place with less light and its where my dad takes his clothes off and then closes it – gets inside because there are also fewer people there and it must be comfortable, I don’t know. Cats also have to sleep a lot during the day, ten to sixteen hours, because otherwise they get all moody and when they get older they have problems, I think.”

Kidah, by Enzo, 11 years old.

“It’s the bed when it was winter, it was her bed by the heater. It was made out of dressing gowns and blankets.”

Sitka and Denahi, by Filipa , 10 years old.

“And then it’s both of them sleeping on my bed. Sometimes she sleeps on this bed, sometimes on my sister’s, and at other times on my mum and dad’s…and on the chair, on this one…. And here I really liked seeing them sleeping together.”

Koda, by Filipa, 10 years old.

“That was Koda in her other favourite place. Close to my sister. It’s one of her favourite places. The little blanket is there, we have it, there’s always the blanket there which is for her to sleep on. Then, because she’s very black, you can’t tell where her ears are…and sometimes her head is turned towards the door, but she’s all curled up and has her eyes closed, so you can’t see her eyes.”

Kidah, by Enzo, 11 years old.

“There she was on the cooker and she was already lying down, that’s the position she gets into. I’d take that black thing off around the cooker to make her more comfortable.”

Kidah, by Enzo, 11 years old.

“It’s the suspended bed. And I felt like taking pictures of her”

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